About Us

Someone once said..."For those that don't toot their own horn, no horn shall be tooted."

At BGD we take great pride in our work, and live for that look of sheer joy on a customer's face as they see their sign lit for the first time. That's every job. From the easiest LED letter set going up on a new store front - to managing installations for a state-wide national chain rollout. No job is too big, or too small.

Every once in a while tho, the stars all align and something extraordinary happens. Such was the case with the Road Runner resteraunt and Saloon, in New River, Arizona. A couple years after creating this magnificent Road Runner, someone went and published a book, dedicated to the most creative, artistic signs in Arizona. And our bird, seen above on a 12 foot workshop table, made the cover of that book! Yeah, TOOT!